STEEL SAFE EDGE® Steel Edging with folded anti cut edge

Developed from the same design as our Borderstyle Standard Steel Edging, the Borderstyle SAFE EDEGE® offers a folded edge anti cut edge guaranteeing a more security. The edging is offered at 1.25mm thickness (2.5mm at the fold), ideal for defining flowerbeds, creating pathways and other soft landscaping.

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Description détaillée

Advantages :
– Folded edge
– Galvanised Steel
– 2m usable
– Simple junction between edging pieces
– Quick and easy to install
– Reduces maintenance

Applications :
– Lawn
– Gravel
– Flower beds / Rockeries
– Hedges
– Path ways

Available finishes: Galvanised steel and galvanised steel with paint finish (Brown, Black, Rust effect)

Technical information :

3 fixing spikes included per unit