Modular Steel parameter panels / STRUCTURAL® Planters

These modular STRUCTURAL® panels are designed and created by PLANTCO France, in order to make creating garden planters as easy and cost efficient as possible. The panels are interconnecting and Thanks to the unlimited assembly possibility’s the perfect sized planters for your project is now easier than ever to create.

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Modular Steel parameter panels / STRUCTURAL® Planters

Made from 2mm thick folded galvanized steel, the Structural® panels are robust and aesthetic. Thanks to the large choice of colours in epoxy paint, the Structural® range easily integrates and highlights all atmospheres and ambiances. The Structural® planters look at home in all settings (rustic, modern, deconstructed, urban…).

Structural® panels and corner pieces allow the creation of aesthetic and modular planters without bases. Different heights and lengths are available multiplying the assembly possibilities.
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– High quality finish
– Durable material: galvanized steel + epoxy paint
– Different modular panel sizes
– Fast and simple installation
– Wide choice of colours
– Robust and aesthetic

No more need for custom made panels! Simply assemble the Structural® panels to make the desired length and use our double joint or three-sided angle pieces to create a 40° or 90° angle.