We Are a French company, situated in the South west of France

Created in 1996, Plancto France has been designing, developing, manufacturing and selling products for various Landscaping purposes, Plantation, soft landscaping, utility networks and services, erosion control and civil engineering.

Since 2009 our Company has been notably active in the urban landscaping sector, thanks to the development and creation of new product lines. Manufactured in our factories, mainly situated in France our products range from; Steel and aluminium edging, root directors (for tarmac protection) and a wide choice of additional solutions for urban landscaping, green spaces and utility networks.

At PLANTCO France 6% of our yearly results are injected back into the research and development of new innovative solutions.

Always at your disposal, with an integrated consultant team


  • 20 employees and counting, situated in the department of the Vienne our main factory is located in Civaux, close to the medieval town of Poitiers.
  • Bespoke products that correspond to the needs of the users and prescribers.
  • An integrated consultant team with 20 years of experience, helping prescribers in their technical studies and pricing strategies.

A network of companies at your disposal


Plantco France strength comes from our network of over 20 partner factories, the majority of which are situated in France and 12 of which our own industrial equipment in located. We combined our knowledge with the know how of our partner factories.

Innovative Solutions and products

  • Plantation range: Biodegradable or synthetic ground covers and mulching fabrics, anti-root barriers, Root directors, root development modules, Tree pit anchors and guy anchoring systems, tree antitheft anchors, Tree grates, Hydration bags, tree pit hydration kits, tree trunk protection, Tree ties and fixing accessories.
  • Landscaping range: Edging manufactured from Steel, Aluminium or recycled materials, Open bottom Steel modular planter, gravel stabilizers, grass stabilizers, synthetic grass made in Europe to REACH standards.
  • Erosion control and Stabilization: Mulching products, coco netting, coco embankment rolls, embankment anchors, Fixing pegs and anchors, hydroseeding, Glues and stabilizers for hydroseeding, Three-dimensional geo netting, stabilizer cells, Substrate, Mineral colouring…
  • Utility networks and services: Edging manufactured form steel or aluminium, Gravel stabilizers, grass stabilizers, underground network protection: root barriers and root directors, tree grates…
  • Civil engineering: civil engineering anchors, underwater anchor systems…